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Photoshop Shadow creation services

Photoshop shadow creation service is so common but one of the most crucial photo editing services. It enhances the product image quality and adds a realistic look. Some product images naturally deserve shadows. Different product photos appeal to various types of shadows like drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow, etc.

Drop shadow or any other shadows provide a product image a landing or a surface. After cutting out the image background, the product photograph looks floating and unrealistic. Such a product image is not worthy enough to draw potential customers. So, you need to apply an appropriate shadow.

Solid product photos that get clipping path services need shadow effects. Such e-commerce products are mobile, computer, cloth items, furniture, jewelry, etc. that need a surface and for this purpose, our skilled designers and photo editors add the required types of shadows.

Drop Shadow

The most demanding service of shadow effects is the Photoshop drop shadow creation. Drop shadow is applied just at the bottom of the product image. It gets a little bit bent to the opposite side of the sunbeam. The Dorp shadow effect adds a perfect landing to the image and removes the extra unrealistic floating effect. It increases image glow and beauty. E-commerce retailers and product sellers take this valuable, but cheap editing service.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection shadow adds to the product images a mirror effect. It is applied to the product image’s bottom area. If you add a reflection shadow effect to certain images, it maximizes the aesthetics of product photos. The images with mirror effects are more capable of catching customers. The product photos that are captured on the top of a glass table, floor, or ceramic solid something deserve this shadow effect.

Natural Shadow

The product images that do not contain the original drop shadow or reflection shadow receive a natural shadow effect. When the designers leverage natural shadow, they think about the direction of sunlight. This shadow highlights the images glowing and increases the fast-selling prospect. The natural shadow is applied to solid product items like furniture, cosmetics, medicines, books, and the like. It is cheaper but unquestionably a useful shadow effect.

Retain Original Shadow

During photo shooting, some product images cast shadows naturally. Shadows often are seen in the rare position of the images. When the photo editing experts remove the background, they cannot remove the original shadows. But later on, they add the same type of shadow and give the images an original look and thus, regain the original product image shadow. We utilize Photoshop, remove messy backgrounds, add white bg, and apply suitable shadows.

Who will leverage shadow effects?

The people who work with eCommerce product photos should use Photoshop shadow creation services. To make the image more glamorous, draw the customers’ attention, and generate more sales and profit, there is no alternative to take image background editing and shadow effect services. Usually, our Photoshop shadow creation services are taken most by product photographers, e-commerce business owners, product owners, retailers, advertisers & marketers, art directors, and so on. If you belong to this class, we like to invite you to have our shadow creation service for the best prices.