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Clipping Path

Best clipping path services, For having the best quality product photos, undoubtedly, there is no alternative to clipping path. If you want to boost your product sales, you need clean and stunning product photos that draw potential customers’ attention. So, a detail-oriented and accurate product image is crucial to be successful in online eCommerce platforms.

Cut Out Office is always producing life-like and impressive product images. At our production house, the clipping path experts draw paths by hand, remove unwanted background or objects, replace white ones or as per the clients’ direction, and deliver the top-most product images. Attention to detail, skills and experiences, and working with the best photo editing software like Photoshop give us scope to generate the maximum quality images. Our photo editors apply various editing techniques, photoshop pen tool, and deliver the best possible quality photos. Zero tolerance with the product images is one of our most appreciated characteristics.

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping path is also known as deep etching, closed vector path, photo cut out, image clipping, etc. is essentially a process of selecting an image or parts of an image. It allows you to remove messy background or to extract an image from the background.

You can also bring about changes in the image. If your images have unwanted objects or people that hinder focusing on the main product photo, you can remove those by clipping path. It will further allow you to add different background or creating a white background.

We provide digital photo cut-out services from our studio by professional clipping path artists who outline an image by pen tool in Photoshop.

What are the types of Clipping Path?

Clipping path has various types based on its complexity and interestingly the price of clipping path depends on the clipping path complexity. Let’s have an idea of clipping path types-

Basic: A basic is a primary clipping path that is the easiest and cheapest cut-out service. Basic types of images like smartphones, mouse, monitors, balls, etc. are for clipping paths. Such images contain a small number of curved edges with any inner holes. Removal of background from basic images costs less effort that results in less price.

Simple: Simple clipping path are pretty much more complex and costlier than that of the basic clipping path. The images under the clipping path have some curved edges, holes, etc. and you need a break while creating outlines. Such images are coffee mugs, bracelets,  furniture, simple jewelry like rings, earrings, etc.

Medium: Medium clipping path is more complex than the first two categories- basic and simple. The images under medium clipping path have complicated edge, internal holes, requires the merging of multiple closed paths together, and the designers have to pay much attention to the details. Being more complex, medium clipping paths are costlier.

Complex: The product images that contain a little about fur, hair, net, or some other essential props demand a complex clipping path. These images have complicated edges, curves, holes, and transparent or translucent backgrounds. So, removing background from the images is more time-consuming and requires more effort that results in more prices.

Multi-Path: If you need to create color variant and color correction, you need multiple clipping path that is more complex. When you feel the necessity to re-shoot the product image for color variation, you can take a multi-path service. Leveraging this clipping path, you can modify any part of your product images. Creating multipath is tiresome and costlier work.

Super complex: Super complex clipping path works associated with image masking. Where complex and multi-path clipping paths are not enough, super complex works there. The complex furniture image with multiple cut-outs, jewelry with multiple holes, pet images, fishing nets, furry dolls are the products that require a super complex clipping path. It is a significantly higher-priced image editing service.