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Our work in action

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Product photographers use various types of mannequins while taking apparel photographs to create hollow effects inside the clothes. Ghost mannequin effects enhance the beauty and quality of the cloth items perfect for displaying on eCommerce websites. This bump effect in the clothes attracts the potential customers and they take a feel or guess how they will appear wearing it. So, the use of the ghost mannequin effect can be useful for boosting your retail business.

But cloth images including mannequins, dolls, and hangers inside are never appropriate to use on online platforms. They will look odd and create a negative impression among the customers. At the same time, you need the ghost effect. So, the COO provides the ghost mannequin solution and produces a hollow effect. We remove plastic mannequins maintain the effects, replace the background, and beautify the cloth images.

How do we work with invisible mannequins?

Our client’s apparel photographers provide us with two or three photos of a cloth item- front part, back part, or inner part. Our expert designers select the mannequin by clipping path, placing the inner part or neck part, using the Warp tool and Liquify to match and attach the multiple parts, remove extra parts and background. We fix exposure and retouch to tweak small flaws.

The types of ghost mannequins that we offer

At our production studio, we create multiple types of ghost mannequin effects. Let’s have a glimpse of our offered best quality invisible mannequin services-

Neck Part Joint

We provide neck part joint services for ghost mannequins. When we remove the mannequin or doll, the area becomes empty. Then we take the neck part and attach it there to produce a full-shaped cloth image. We add the inner side with a hologram or sticker of the clothes. Shirts, jackets, jackets, blazers, etc. are the subjects of ghost mannequin service.

Bottom Area Joint

Along with the neck part, we remove dolls or other plastic stuff from the bottom area of the cloth items that have longer back parts. We maintain the hollow effects and increase the product quality. All types of winter clothes including summer t-shirt items receive mannequin effects. Get the most useful invisible mannequin service.

Sleeves joint

Since the photographers use mannequins in long sleeves for a swelling effect, later on, we have to remove those no longer unnecessary staff. We keep the hollow effect to look like a 3D shape. All types of long-sleeved dress items like full-sleeve shirts, jackets, t-shirts, etc. need the ghost mannequin service. Try our world-class mannequin removal services.