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Image Masking

Image masking Services are the process of selecting soft-edge and thin images like hair, fur, silky clothes, and transparent products like glass, bottles, etc. To remove the image background and replace the white background, image masking is helpful where the clipping path fails to create a path and select the image edges. In the case of a shard edge or same color background, you need not use masking rather use deep etching.

Image masking is an advanced Photoshop skill and technique to secure the fine details of an image. It is a tiresome job and requires a lot of patience to achieve the best result. COO is offering the best quality image masking service for removing backgrounds from images.

The benefits of image masking

With the ever-growing living cost, you cannot recall the photographers to reshoot images. It will consume your time and money as well. Besides that, if you are an online retailer or eCommerce product owner, you cannot stop selling products with hairy or furry edges. Here to remove background from such images, you need an advanced image masking service since other techniques of removing bg fail.

More than 40% of people like to see product images on a white background. So, to get success in eCommerce, you must utilize various Photoshop tools and techniques to achieve the best white product background. You can use the background eraser tool, magic wand tool, color range, or color separation technique to remove backdrops. But still, you have to use Photoshop masking to add white or other backgrounds to the product images with hair or fur.

Who needs image masking?

Image masking is essential for product owners, eCommerce businessmen, online retailers, and product photographers. The advanced photo masking will provide you an advantage to kick out unwanted backdrops. If you are looking for more accurate and clean images for the furry images, you need image masking that retains the details, and realistic view, and can be used for batch product image editing. If the product photographers want to reduce photography costs, time, and effort, image masking can be useful for preparing high-quality product photos.

Image Masking at Cut Out Office

From our image editing studio, we have been providing the best image masking service for your soft-edge eCommerce images. We apply various other background-removing skills for the best result. Our experienced and skilled image masking experts, graphic designers, and photo editors give the maximum effort to maintain image details, and quality, remove fuzzy effects, and produce such quality product images that draw potential customers’ attention.

We have a hundred-plus experts providing image masking services for eCommerce images. COO is featured with the latest image masking technologies and techniques for ensuring a great result. Until your images are sharp and detailed, we show zero tolerance for low quality. Fast turnaround, 24/7 customer service, and six-step quality controlling steps are our strengths to satisfy you 100%. So, if you require image masking or any other image editing services, contact us. Take our Free Trial service to judge our all-around service quality.